Floor standing heat pump water heater monoblock with solar integration - l 200 - 250
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The greenest hot water heater in the market.
l 200 - 250

  • Comfort
    • Fast hot water recovery time
    • Energy saving estimate directly on the solar control unit
    • User-friandly control panels
    • Extra savingthanks to the combination of solar and air-source heat pump technologies
    • External air and solar source: 100% renewable
    • Signifcant CO2 reduction (u pto 1,200 Kg CO2e p.a. for each collector)
    Extra features
    • Easy to transport, to install and to use
    • Pro-Tech technology: intelligent protection against corrosion for maximum durbility and reliability
    • Air-source heat pump water heater working range up to -5°C
    250 l air-source heat pump water heater, 2 solar collectors
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