Location: Lusail City, Marina District Qatar
Client: Sheikh Mansour Bin Jaber Al Thani
Consultant: Al Mana Consulting Group
Contractor: Red Line
The twin tower building projects consists of two towers for residential use.
The specifications given by the consultant were requiring 10.000 lt/day of hot water at a temperature of 60°C.

The proposed solution consists of:
• 64 solar collectors models KAIROS XP 2.5 for vertical installation. High-efficiency collector with blue selective treatment of the absorber and laser welding for maximum performance.
• 4 solar storages, MAXIS CD1 model, 2.000 lt volume with dedicated solar coil and internal enameling.
• 1 electric element 6 kW installed in each MAXIS CD1 storage to be used as heating back-up
• 8 solar pumps 25-120 specifically designed for solar systems operation (duty and stand by)
• 4 ELIOS 25 control boards for the management of the system and the safety features against overheating
• 4 expansion vessels 80 lt
The Al Marina Twin Towers project is a typical example of forced circulation system for highdemand system.
For this futuristic projects an avant-garde solar system was required. Ariston designed the solution and provided top quality components to satisfy the demand of domesti hot water of both buildings.
The systems on the two towers are identical and work independently, thus assuring maximum flexibility for installiation, commissioning, use and maintenance.

The system works according to the following parameters:
• Solar fraction: 81%
• Energy delivered to collectors: 119.900 kWh/year
• Energy delivered to DHW: 118.660 kWh/year

This means that families living in these building will have incredible saving on the power bills for the years to come as they will save yearly approximately 118.000 kWh. This will also prevent an equivalent amount of 71.000 kg of CO2 to be introduced in the environment.