Location: Dubai -Jafza
Type: Residential with swimming pool
The installation consists of two separate parts: the domestic system and the swimming pool system with the following requirements:
• Domestic system: 700 lt/day at 60 °C
• Swimming pool: surface 48 m2 with an average depth of 1,5m. Target temperature 27°C

The proposed solution consists of the following items. 
Domestic system
• 6 solar collectors model CF 2.0 for vertical installation
• 1 solar storage , BAC1S model, 450 lt volume
• 1 electric element 1,5 kW installed in the BAC1S storage to be used as heating back-up
• 1 solar pump 25-65 specifically designed for solar systems operation
• 1 ELIOS 25 control board for the management of the system.
• 1 expansion vessel 18 lt

Swimming pool:
• 5 high-efficiency solar collectors model XP 2.5-1
• 1 pool heat exchanger ,40 kW
• 1 expansion vessel 25 lt
• 1 ELIOS 25 control board
• 1 solar pump 25-65 designed for solar systems operation
The Al Mazroori villa represents the typical residential villa with private swimming pool.
The solar installation adopted in this villa allows to manage separately the domestic part and the swimming pool part of the system.
For the domestic system a tank has been used in order to provide hot water comfort throughout the day. For the swimming pool the solution with pool heat exchanger resulted the best choice in terms of performances and reliability.

The solar systems of the domestic part will operate with the following parameters:
• Solar Fraction 60%
• Energy delivered by collectors: 9.330 kWh/year
• Energy delivered to DHW: 8.500 kWh/year
Out of the 14.000 kWh/year required, 8.500 kWh will be provided only be means of solar energy.
For the pool, 7.000 kWh/year will be provided by the solar collector. The total contribution of the solar systems to the hot water needs of the villa will be 15.500
kWh/year equivalent to a reduction of 9.300 kg of CO2 emissions.