Monovalent enamelled domestic tank - l 200 - 300 - 450
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Maxis CD1 is a range of enamelled domestic tanks with one internal heat exchanger.
They are the perfect match when you need large quantity of domestic water in a short time.
They can be used in solar thermal systems or connected to boilers (or other sources) with appropriate power.
l 200 - 300 - 450

  • Comfort
    • Wide Range To Cover Different Domestic-hot Water Needs
    • Available heating element kit
    • Recirculation connection
    • Reduced Heat losses by high density insulation (100 mm)
    • Integrated probe-housing sheath for top efficiency management
    Extra features
    • Steel boiler with exclusive titanium-based enamel treatment
    • Magnesium anti-corrosion anode (active anode available as accessory)
    • Inspection flange
    800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 lt
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