Buffer cylinder for primary circuit water with coil - l 600 - 800 - 1000
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Floor-standing vertical tank with single coil for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water (through FWS) and the room heating in combined systems with more heat sources.
Besides the station for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water (Fresh Water Station), the product is arranged for the digital solar pump group for the integration with the solar system through coil.
l 600 - 800 - 1000

  • Comfort
    • Wide range of big capacities to satisfy every need
    • Possibility of integration with electrical resistance AND connession for air release system
    • Reduced Heat losses by high density insulation (100 mm)
    • Parallel connections for the solar coil, arrangement for easy connection to the digital solar pump group-internal pipes and arrangement for easy
      installation on DHW module
    Extra features
    • Floor standing installation
    • Black steel cylinder
    400, 600, 800, 1000 lt
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