Wireless room sensor

A modulating control with variable temperature settings and digital display, used without the need for wiring.
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This simple to install room sensor allows the householder to set the temperature to their desired comfort level and has a digital display of the current room temperature.
The modulating operation gives a greater level of heating comfort.
It can be used to turn the boiler OFF or to set it to continuous operation or to activate the time programming already setted on the Remote control or on the boilers (when available).
The communication with the boiler is achieved by a specific signal receiver, and, if necessary an addition repeater to increase the strength of the signal.

  • Key functions
    • Setting room temperature
    • Visualization room temperature on display
    • Automatic heating mode through timer program setting on boiler
    • Manual heating mode daily and night room temperature setting
    • Anti freeze heating.
    Extra features
    • Digital display
    • No wiring needed
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