All the hot water you need in a compact solution
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All the hot water you need in a compact solution

  • Comfort
    • Maximum comfort with the built-in 40lt storage tank (up to 25 lt/min)
    • No temperature fluctuations thanks to the AUTO function and the modulating thermoregulation accessories
    • No time waste with the COMFORT function that gives instantaneous hot water, for 30’, after  the first withdrawal
    • High efficiency up to 93% (3-stars efficiency)
    • Gas consumption reduction thanks to the multizone thermoregulation management
    • Energy saving with the two-speed pump
    Extra features
    • Maximum reliability and life expectancy with sanitary heat exchanger in stainless steel
    • Antiseizing system to prevent scale accumulation
    • Easy control of the combustion quality with the combustion analysis port
    • 24-30 kW - Space heating and domestic hot water
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