Indirect Thermosiphon Solar System For Sanitary Water Heating
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  • Reduced Heating Time
  • Self-supporting Frame For Flat Roof Simplify Installation
  • Indirect Exchange To Avoid Freezing Risk
  • Fast And Easy Installation

  • Comfort
    • Reduced Time To Reach Comfort Temperature
    • Limited Risk Of Over Heating
    • Efficient Statification System
    • Wide Range To Cover Different Domestic-hot Water Needs
    • Fast Connector On Hydraulic Pipes
    • Easy Installation By Self-supporting Frame For On-roof And Flat Roof Installation
    Extra features
    • Structural Strength Of Cylinder And Collector
    • Possibility To Integrate Solar By Electrical Resistance Inside Cylinder
    • 150 lt , 1 collector, on-roof and flat roof
    • 200 lt , 1 or 2 collectors, on-roof and flat roof
    • 300 lt, 2 collectors, on-roof and flat roof
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